About Us

Softstart BTI provides an integrated package of work space, shared office services, access to specialized equipment and value added services like management assistance, access to finance, marketing .

Softstart BTI has full support and sponsorship from the SEDA Technology Programme (STP) a programme under the Small Enterprise Development Agency of the DTI. STP sponsors the Business Incubation initiative from its inception to fast track the links between the government, private sector and academia of South Africa.

Softstart BTI improves enterprise performance, enhances profitability and growth, and offers technology and management support to South African ICT SMMEs and is geared to help early movers maximise the value of their ideas. Businesses within the Incubator fall within various stages of being built, from concept phase where a first-cut assessment of the strategic environment is being made, to development phase, where feasibility and go-to-market strategies are being explored and ultimately, commercial phase, where profitable market opportunities are exploited and the focus is on growing the depth and breadth of the venture. To build an optimal, sustainable business, an entire multitude of building blocks will have to be assembled over time. Softstart BTI assists in doing so by ensuring that the following business development areas are addressed:


The design and development of the actual products and services that will be delivered to the customer.


The design, documentation and operation of the business' activities as a professional legal entity.


The understanding of the market in all its aspects and the design and delivery of strategies that will fully exploit the product's and service's potential.


The development of business plans and strategies that will ensure that the venture meets its desired profitability goals; this also includes strategies to access business funding, growth strategies, etc.

Start Up Businesses within Softstart BTI can be rest assured that the challenges of starting a new company will be eased and that by being integrated into a community of entrepreneurs, they will be surrounded by like-minded individuals and have access to all the resources that the Incubator offers to build their businesses to full commercial potential.

Business Incubation

Business incubation – like the name suggests it has to do with business growth. South Africa is a country with massive potential and possibilities. That potential is recognised, and therefore Softstart BTI as well as other Incubators have been established to assist with this growth so please find below a complete summary all about Softstart BTI.

Sustainability Goal for SBTI

Softstart BTI is committed to delivering technology innovations that will help the organisation reduce energy demands, manage energy and environmental footprint, and rethink business practices to reduce environmental impact and improve their bottom line. The sustainability goal for Softstart BTI is to enable IT efficiency and assist Incubators/Incubatees use IT to support sustainability across their operations too.

SBTI Support

Softstart BTI aims to develop a diverse blend of clients, who are expected to contribute to the diversity of the incubatee portfolio along some of the following dimensions, which also serve as selection criteria for incubatees:

  • Innovative technology
  • Business potential of technology
  • Market pull, not technology push
  • Ability to raise capital
  • Team quality and potential
  • Incubator fit with innovation content
  • Fit and synergy with other incubator clients
  • Ability of the incubator to deliver value to the prospective client

Reducing the Carbon and Energy Impact

Softstart BTI provides a cloud services model for collaboration, communications and business services. This discontinues the use of the servers that were previously dedicated to running these workloads, Softstart BTI will be reducing its carbon emissions by 30-90% per user.

The Softstart BTI Cloud computing platform provide access to on-demand compute and storage, helping you reduce the capital costs associated with purchasing hardware and infrastructure and save energy costs as well as reduces travel, commuting, and office space requirements with anywhere connectivity.

The Softstart BTI Cloud computing platform can streamline communications and at the same time reduce the need for business travel with unified communications technology, providing an integrated platform of email, calendaring, instant messaging, teleconferencing, and document sharing which provides cost savings and reduces carbon footprint.